New Resource for Pets with Cancer

! Love My Dog(s) November '06 Mosaic

! Love My Dog(s) November ’06 Mosaic (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)

If you have (or know of) a furbaby who has been diagnosed with any kind of cancer, you have a new ally.
Launched last month, the National Veterinary Cancer Registry helps match pets suffering with different forms of cancer to the appropriate clinical trials that could be available.

“The National Veterinary Cancer Registry (NVCR) is a national database formed to identify and register pets diagnosed with cancer in order to facilitate and promote medical treatments that lead to advances, higher success rates and eventual cures for cancer in pets and people   – the NVCR advances veterinary cancer research by gathering information from pet owners whose pets are diagnosed with a naturally occurring cancer and pairing them with emerging med

Registration is free, and relatively easy as well. Just send your contact info, the contact info of your veterinarian, and answer a few questions about the kind of cancer your pet has been diagnosed with.

National Veterinary Cancer Registry

A dog (Cavalier_King_Charles_Spaniel) with a b...

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