Veterinary Android Apps… For FREE!

Apps for The Veterinary Field:

Small Dogs Mosaic

2012 ACVS Veterinary Symposium  *****

The ACVS Veterinary Symposium offers the most advanced information on a wide range of surgical procedures as well as Peri-operative patient care, post-operative complications and advanced diagnostic techniques. What procedures or techniques are the leaders in veterinary surgery using? Decision-making is one of the focuses of the 2012 meeting as well as discussion on using an evidence-based approach in veterinary surgery.

Founded in 1965, the American College of Veterinary Surgeons is the American Veterinary Medical Association specialty board which sets the standards for advanced professionalism in veterinary surgery.

Veterinary Anesthesia ****

This App was created to help veterinarians, vet students and vet technicians facilitate dealing with anesthesia of small animals such as dogs and cats. this app will bring you a wide choice of anesthesia drugs, analgesia and sedation for the dog and cat pets. to help you with your calculations we have added a simple veterinary drug calculator to this App.This application is brought to you totally free with the help of search monetization.

Veterinary Drug Index-India ****

This application contains drug names and trade names (India).
These are for Ruminants.

Small dog

Veterinary Clipboard ***-1/2

Provides a vet calculator of common drug dosages and conversions for small animal veterinary medicine hospital practices. A sample of included drugs are:

– Acepromazine dilute
– Telazol
– Buprenorphine
– Meloxicam

– Acepromazine dilute
– Acepromazine full
– Morphine
– Telazol
– Buprenorphine

Veterinary Formulary ****

The information, directions and recommendations (collectively “Information”) in this Formulary are made upon published information available to Wickliffe Pharmaceutical, Inc. (“Wickliffe”) as of the time this Disclaimer was prepared; and is to be used solely by qualified veterinary practitioners and as a reference and guide only.

Vet Calculators Veterinary ***-1/2

Vet Calculators presents 15 calculators for use in the small animal practice.

Fluidtherapy replacement
Fluidtherapy maintenance
Drip Rate
Pre Anesthesia calculator
Induction Calculator
Canine Emergency Drugs
Feline Emergengy Drugs
Blood Transfusion Calculator
Constant Rate Infusion
CRI Syring Pumps
Chocolate Tox
Body Surface Area
Mass conversor
Temperature conversor
Volume conversor


DoseCalcVM ****-1/2

DoseCalcVM includes a single dose calculator and a constant rate infusion (CRI) calculator. A dosage chart for commonly used CRI veterinary drugs is also included.

Vet Calculator ****-1/2

Designed for veterinarians (vets) as well as veterinary students, nurses and technicians. Vet Calculator provides a quick and easy way to do many calculations performed in veterinary practice.

Upgrade to Vet Calculator Plus for 12+ calculators and many more features including an CRI (with 32 drugs), emergency drug calculator, 10 & 15 drop/ml giving sets and customisable calculators.

Compare features here:
+ Fluids rates (including drip rates and volume deficit corrections)
+ Energy requirements
+ Anaesthetic flow rates
+ Drug dosages
+ Body surface area
+ Blood volume for transfusions
+ Blood volume for phlebotomy
+ Constant Rate Infusions (CRIs)
+ Pain Score (Glasgow CMPS-SF) for dogs
+ Temperatures (including normal ranges)
+ Weights
+ Volumes
+ SI <> Conventional units

Languages available: English, French, German
App supports App2SD

cute dog

The Webinar Vet

The Webinar Vet was set up with the express wish of making veterinary education easier for vets and vet nurses with very busy lives. How does no more travelling for veterinary Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sound? You can now watch live lecture formats from the comfort of your own home or while you’re on the move.

This app keeps you up to speed with our latest CPD offerings as well as 6 hours free CPD.

Using our app you will be able to keep up-to-date with our upcoming webinars, receive reminders when they are going to run, even add them to your calendar so you ensure you keep that time slot free to view them. This can be used by both our members and casual users alike, as individual webinars can be purchased through our website (and through the app after the next major release).

We have also included details of the large number of previously recorded webinars, all of which are still available for viewing by members, or for for separate purchase.

You can also use our app to keep up to date with our newsletter, Facebook and Twitter, as well as use our app to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions.

With our webinars we give you everything you need for the perfect work – life balance! Using our app now gives you the mobility to go with that as well, allowing you to continue your CPD whenever you have a few minutes your want to not waste, such as when travelling or away from your computer.

Cute Dog in North Miami

and Apps for PET GUARDIANS:


New in town? On vacation with your pet? Looking for a specialist?

VETFINDER locates your position and finds veterinarians and veterinary hospitals near you.
Using the integrated filter tool, you‘re able to refine your search at any time.
Through that, VETFINDER locates experts and specialists,
gives information on accepted payment methods,
available parking and provided treatment options.

Do you have an emergency? VETFINDER’s option will only show on-duty
veterinarians in your area.

The database of available veterinarians and their details are manually updated on a daily basis.

If your veterinarian is not displayed yet, or details seem incomplete,
you can let us know directly through the VETFINDER app with ensured anonymity and without registration.

Our technical staff will check and verify your request and comments.

Tick Finder ***-1/2

Protecting your best friend against ticks is important. When walking in greenery, ticks can latch onto and bite your dog, potentially transmitting deadly disease organisms to your dog.

The Tick Finder App provides a simple interactive map which displays tick infested areas reported by others users, and lets you contribute to warn others about tick infestations that you uncover in your area.

Presented by Scalibor Protector Band – an advanced, easy to use collar that protects your dog against ticks for up to 6 months – the Tick Finder App also provides tick information, tips to protect your dog plus a free reminder service.

Simple Agility Timer ****

A simple dog agility timer with facilities for storing a list of times, faults and eliminations against named competitors. Suitable for training, individuals, club events and comparison timing.

Tractive *****

Tractive is a pet management app that allows the user to manage important pet information. All data will be saved in the cloud, so you never have to worry about loosing anything of importance.

With the ‘Go for a walk’ feature you can manage all of your walks and share them with friends. Regardless whether you walk your dog, cat, horse or any other animal, Tractive will make your walks fun! After your went for a walk with your pet, you can share your it on Facebook, if you want.

Besides pet management, Tractive also works in unison with the Tractive GPS pet tracking device available at and shows the current location of a pet.

Tractive allows the user to browse thousands of pet pictures from other users cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, lizards and hamsters, are just a few of the animal types, that can be managed with Tractive.

You can also rate pet pictures of cute cats and cute dogs. Tractive pet management also allows you to share the pet pictures of your beloved pet.

We also provide a website where you can see your pets.

Peterest- Pet Image Gallery *****

Peterest is a free social image gallery for your pet pictures. Browse thousands of photos of dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals. If you look closely, you might even find a lion…

Upload you best pet pictures and enter for an award to win the Pet-Pic-Of-The-Week award!

Browse the endless stream of images and mark the best ones with heart, so you can find them later.

Share the images with your friends through Facebook, Twitter and many other social platforms.

Peterest is free and will remain free for all users, with unlimited uploads.

Peterest shows images of many types of animals, including dogs, cats, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, mice, snakes but also cows, horses and more!

Pet Pal (Trial) – Pet Manager ****

The innovative new Pet Organizer, with all important social options !
Now including FREE online Backup and Restore services !

Get your 24 hour FREE trial today, then if you like it, it’s just – €1.50

From one pet to a whole menagerie of species, this easy to use pet manager app will keep all your pets particulars well organized, and at your fingertips. The pet photo gallery has built in share options, and your emergency numbers have a “one touch dial” feature. Find your nearest pet services with integrated Google maps, and set pet reminders for anything from vaccinations to your pets social events. This beautifully designed app is what you and your pets have been waiting for. It’s multilingual, and works great on tablets with split panel design.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features :

My Pets –
Store and keep track of all your pets vital details, and information, for quick access. From license numbers to birthdays, breeder and insurance details. The Emergency numbers have an essential “one touch dial” feature, and the social options enables you to email, or share your pets profile with vets, family, or friends on Facebook etc..

Gallery –
The Pet photo gallery helps you to keep all your pets photos organized in individual folders. You can add descriptions to photos, then quickly share them with your friends via email, or the many social mediums.

Reminders –
Create pet reminders for any event in your pets agenda with optional audio alerts. The home page will always show the next 3 upcoming reminders.

Find –
Google maps have been integrated so no matter where you are you can quickly find a vast number of pet services :
Veterinary clinics
Pet stores
Pet rescue centers
Pet grooming
Animal trainers
Pet parks

Dog Food Recipes ****-1/2

You can find more than 50 recipes:

Hamburger Helpings
Beef Stew
Lamb Stew
Holistic Salmon Pasta
Tasty Peanut Butter Biscuits
Chicken Doggy Dinner
Canine Grain and Meat
Chow the Chicken
Meaty Doggy Biscuits
Bacon Dog Bites
Cheesy Ace Biscuits
Sauteed Liver
Mackerel Treat
Chicken Stock
Easy Vegetable and Beef Mix
Doggy Biscuits
Liver Chip Cookies
Liver Brownies
Liver Jerky
Meat Loaf with Vegetables
Lamb and Rice Casserole
Chicken Doggie Chow
Garlic Chicken Chewies
The Chicken Fix
Potato and Meat Meal
Beefy Rice
Barking Brownies
Yogurt Puppies
Doggy Meat Loaf Meal
Lamb Rice
Chicken Rice
Beef and Vegetables
Hamburger Helper
Doggy Fish Meal
Skyrocket Delight
Diabetic Dog Food
The Ultimate Chicken Recipe
Hearty Beef Meal
Lamb Delight
Raw Doggy Dinner
Delish Doggy Dinner
The Fit and Healthy Meal
Natural Mix
Sushi Delight
Green Beans and Chicken Breast
Apple Crunch Pupcakes
Birthday Pupcakes
Chow Stew
Grounded Recipe
Crock Pot Chicken

WikiVet ****

App provides access to WikiVet and saves your login details for quick and easy access.

A WikiVet account is required to use this app and to access WikiVet. Accounts are free for veterinarians and related veterinary professionals (nurses, technicians, students). Register at for an account.

WikiVet is a collaborative initiative involving UK veterinary schools with support from a number of commercial and government sponsors. The project is creating a comprehensive online knowledge base which covers the entire veterinary curriculum. This will provide a reliable reference source to supersede Wikipedia for veterinary students, nurses and graduates anywhere in the world.

App2SD supported.

52 Dog Tricks ****-1/2

Teach your dog 52 tricks over the course of a year, or be ambitious and aim to do it in half the time!

An Adobe AIR based app.

Dogs A-Z *****

Dogs A-Z is all about dogs!

Dogs A-Z allows you to quickly find the breed you are looking for out of hundreds of available breeds! Nearly everything you need to know about the breed is just a click away. The menu allows for quick filtering so you can find what you’re looking for without wasting time. Quick info (picture, breed name, origin, and class) on nearly every breed is included in the main menu.

Dogs A-Z is your one-stop shop for quick and robust info on your favorite dog breeds!

Upcoming upgrades include saving favorites, user-submitted galleries, and interface enhancements!

Animal Records Vet ON GO-L ****   FREE for LIMITED TIME / TRIAL.

This is the ONLY APP in the MARKET having many cool features for animal or pet records management to save time for busy veterinarians, nurses, medical professionals as well as all the Proud Pet Lovers and owners or trainers. Works perfectly fine on both tablets and phones. Powerful software to boost productivity for Vets. NO Internet required for using the app. Possibilities to customize are endless when you create new template to suit your business needs. No more tedious TYPING – Just TAPPING the templates. Manage historical data and EMR – Electronic Medical Record for horse, cattle, dog, canine, cats, feline etc.

Name that Dog (Trivia Game) ****

Test and improve your knowledge of dog breeds with this fun and addictive trivia quiz game. Features 337 dog breeds and over 700 images of man’s best friend.

Dogs of the World ****

Illustrated guide with breeds of dogs is always at hand in your phone! Browse through colorful photographs, read interesting stories about popular and rare breeds.

Ohio Veterinary Medical Assn *****

All professionals, no matter their line of work, need a support system. Since 1884, the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association has provided that necessary function to its members and the entire community. To accomplish this goal, the OVMA focuses on lifelong learning, stewardship, compassion, and community in veterinary medicine.

The OVMA strives to be a trusted and valued source of information, not only for veterinarians, but government bodies, academic institutions, and the general public. We aim to stay current on advances in technology, research findings, recalls, new products, and any other developments that affect veterinarians, their clients, and their patients.

We represent more than 2,400 veterinarians in a variety of fields and specialties, working in both urban centers and rural communities. We know that we can best accomplish what’s necessary by joining together, and together, we share best practices, support one another, and impact the future of veterinary medicine.

The Veterinary Podcast *****

Ever wondered how your cat finds its way home if it gets lost, which pet food to feed your pet, whether chocolate is poisonous to dogs or have you heard about an organism common in cats that could control your mind? Are you looking for easy to understand information on pet care or diseases? These and over 50 other topics of interest to pet owners, veterinarians and veterinary technicians are discussed in THE VETPODCAST, a podcast by Dr Bryan Gregor BVSc, a veterinarian in Timaru New Zealand.

Animal Anatomy and Physiology ****

This is FREE ebook on Animal Anatomy and Physiology. This ebook describes the structure of the animal body and the way in which it works. Animals encountered in normal veterinary practice are used as examples where possible. The material is divided into 16 chapters:

‣ Chemicals
‣ Classification
‣ The Cell
‣ Body Organisation
‣ The Skin
‣ The Skeleton
‣ Muscles
‣ Cardiovascular System
‣ Respiratory System
‣ Lymphatic System
‣ The Gut and Digestion
‣ Urinary System
‣ Reproductive System
‣ Nervous System
‣ The Senses
‣ Endocrine System

You need Alphonso EBook Viewer to view this EBook. You will be prompted to download it for FREE when you open EBook. You can also download it from Google Play at

EBooks Catalog:

Map My Dog Walk *****

Brought to you by Subaru. Makes walking the dog fun and informative! Track the route, time, distance, speed, pace and calories in real-time for fitness activities using your GPS enabled mobile device.

Walkies! ****


– Walkies speaks! Keep informed as you walk with spoken duration/distance updates.
– Share your walks on twitter and facebook via the Walkies! Online website.

Ever wonder how far you’ve walked the dog, hiked or ridden? Or exactly where you’ve been? “Walkies!” is the app for you!
Record your walk and view it on a map, then save it to show your friends.

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